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3D Printing is empowering the world’s schools, universities and laboratories, presenting them with some innovative, never-before-heard-of, educational opportunities. 3D printing energizes the limits of creativity, and exposes a new learning experience when student get to visualize the real shape and feel the object.

3DVinci Creations can help you create an environment to reignite interest in the STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that will stimulate student’s education with ideas, invention and product development.

We strive to achieve a future where:

  • Students will be able to turn their creativity into a reality, truly letting their imagination fly!
  • The consumers of 3D technology are also the artists and innovators behind it.
  • Problem solving skills can be imparted quickly and easily using 3D printing facilities.

3D Printing



3D Printing Workshops


3D printing is changing our world in more ways than one!

At 3DVinci Creations, we are looking forward to provide our teachers and educational institutions with all the facilities they need to make the most of this promising yet ‘disruptive’ technology.



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