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Hybrid Model Making

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No more tedious molds to make and dubious cutting technologies to deal with.

Just pure and unadulterated 3D printing technology, that can help you create all the shapes, sizes and structures that your model requires.


The design process using Styrofoam consume a lot of time and is often very stressful; time saved in the design phase is better spent improving design time and refining the smaller details of the final architecture plan.



Using our 3D printing technology, we can print curved walls and complex structures.

We can also 3D print scale models in different materials
including sandstone, plastics, nylons, metals and resin.


Master Plan Scale Models are typically used in the planning, design, fundraising, construction, marketing and sales process of homes, office spaces, retail spaces, hotels, medical and government buildings, educational institutions, resorts, mosques, churches, and more.

At 3Dvinci Creations we have delivered stunning scale models for large and small projects including residential complexes, cityscapes, commercial buildings, resorts, landscaped terrains and parks, etc.

Many of these scale models have been publicly displayed in malls, trade shows, exhibitions, universities, etc.



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