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Dubai 3D Printing Can Be Fun With Lifelike Figurines


Dubai 3D printing doesn't need to be all about creating prototypes. It can be a fun and creative art form that allows the invention of all sorts of weird and wonderful creations – such as producing a lifelike 3D printed version of yourself.

But is that possible? Well, with The Bobbleshop, it is. The Bobbleshop is a person-scanning device that scans your face using multiple webcams. Once it has snapped your face from multiple angles, the software then creates a superb looking, detailed 3D model of your face. This is then attached to the body of a bobble head figurine. Using the software, powered by touchscreen technology, you can select an array of pre-designed costumes, hairstyles and accessories to accompany your “mini you”. You can even choose the size of your figurine – ranging from 4-inches to 12-inches. Within two days, your figurine will be 3D printed and delivered to your door. These figurines are a particularly great idea as wedding cake toppers, with the software allowing you to be dressed up as both bride and groom. You can even get one as a memento for a particular life achievement – anything from a graduation to passing your driving test or even your baby's first birthday. For example, you could use the process to create an accurate 3D scan of the birthday's baby face! But whereabouts can you find 3D printing Dubai to get these figurines?

Well, you can find an official Bobbleshop booth at 3DVinci Creations. Our Dubai 3D printing HQ is based at Business Bay and we can help create your custom 3D Bobbleshop figurine in less than five minutes if you drop by. Visit our website at for more information. Alternatively, if you'd like to find out more about what we can achieve with 3D printing, email us via



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