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3D Model Printing Service Can Provide You With A Party Photo Booth With A Twist


3D model printing service can provide a great addition to a corporate event, office or private party. These days, lots of people like to hire photo booths for their event; but this novelty can become quite old quite quickly! But what if instead of a photo, you could print a miniature version of yourself and your party guests?

You can do just that by renting a Bobbleshop booth. But what is a Bobbleshop booth? It's a device that you can hire which comes with a face-scanner and a touchscreen. You place your face in the scanner, multiple webcams take photos and, before you know it, a detailed 3D printing, bobblehead model of your face is on the screen. From there, you can add all sorts of fun accessories, hairstyles and costumes to go with the 3D model of your face using the touchscreen. The whole process only takes around about 5 minutes per person! The booth acts as a great way to create interest and generate conversation – which is especially great if you're hosting a network event. Or it can be a fun, team-building exercise as everyone in the office decides what each member of staff's figurine looks like. It doesn't just need to be for office parties or networking either – it could be for weddings, exhibitions, conferences or just general get-togethers. All you really need is a location, an internet connection and sockets for electricity. And, within two weeks, your bobbleheads will be 3D printed and sent on to you. But can you find this service from 3D printing Dubai or 3D printing companies in the UAE?

The answer is yes, you can! At 3DVinci Creations, you can hire our 3D Bobbleshop kiosk for the entire duration of your event – we'll even throw in your first few bobbleheads for free! To find out more about our 3D model printing service, visit http://www.3dvincicreations.com/ or email us via info@3dvincicreations.com.



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