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3D Printed Anatomical Models

Physical reproducing your patient’s anatomy offers better insight to the complexity of the specific patholy, and provides additional information to come to a diagnosis. These models help you assess the situation and decide on a plan of action before entering the operating room, so you can be better prepared and increase your efficiency in the operating room.

Anatomical Models can be made in nearly any imaginable geometry though the translation of x-ray, MRI, or CT scans into digital .stl 3D print files.

An anatomical model is also a great communication tool. You can show it to your fellow surgeon and colleagues to get their ideas and feedback.

Advantages of 3D printed Anatomical Models

- Can be used in the production of surgical Models & implants. - Helps in improving surgical planning hence shorter surgical time, blood loss, anethesia, etc. - Acting as orientation aid during surgery - Enhancing diagnostic quality - Assisting preoperative simulation - Achieving a patient’s consent prior to surgery - Preparing a template for resection for surgeons


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