Reverse Engineering

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At 3DVinci Creations we can scan your product into a 3D computer model which can then be modified and reengineered into the desired outcome.

The reengineered product can then be printed on our 3D printers using various materials such as plastics, resin, metals, nylons, etc.

Our reverse engineering services have been used to redesign existing parts, and inspect their geometries, as well as validate their dimensions and form, fit and function.

We have applied these services in various industries such as Aerospace, Military, Health Care, Automotive, Manufacturing, Marine, Oil & Gas, etc.

We start by utilizing our laser scanner to efficiently and accurately scan your product and create an accurate 3D computer model. The 3D computer model is then converted into a 3D CAD model which can be used by engineers to redesign and/or modify according to their needs and specifications.

We can then use our 3D printing technology to create a prototype of the part prior to mass production. Both the printed prototype and the original part are compared to ensure proper fit and function, and for potential design improvement.


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